This educational stand covers a complete overview of an EBS-type brake control valve (pneumatic brake). It is equiped with a software, a measurement system and a diagnosis system.
The stand Iallows the study of the modulation of braking pressure depending on the position and according to the effort. (effort, pedal, race) in normal mode and mode help. It allows the study of tooling (press fittings 'FIR' system).
Using this stand you can:
• Locate the components on the vehicle.
• Locate and identify the various components of a pneumatic brake valve.
• Analyze the workings of the valve and demonstrate the relation between the travel, effort and pressure.
• Analyze the pressure regulation of each valve.
• Analyze the malfunctions (lack of pressure, leaks on one of the stages).

Product intended for:
- Training Centers
- Maintenance and repair schools
- Mechanical schools
- Higher education institutes

Energie: 220 V 50 Hz, Pneumatique : 7 (Bar)
Dimensions: L= 600 D= 700 H= 600 (mm)
Weight: 30 (kg)
Warranty : 1 year

  Robinet frein poids lourds
  hgv brake control
  Тормозной кран грузовика