The electronic suspension simulator is constituted of a truck under body (miniature) equipped of the rear suspension system with raising axle (6X2).
Approached subjects:
- On board electronic systems smatterings
- Sensors, pre-actuators, actuators
- Systems analysis, study of pneumatic circuits
- Bondage and regulation
- Pressure, effort and flexibility smattering
- Smattering of settings, calibration of the controller and the sensors
- Diagnosis with intelligent and conventional control systems (failure boxes)
- Measures acquisition with traditional acquisition systems

Product intended for:
- Training Centers
- Maintenance and repair schools
- Mechanical schools
- Higher education institutes

Energies: Electric : 220 V 50 Hz / Pneumatic : 5 Bar
Dimensions: L= 1400 D= 700 H= 1200 (mm)
Weight: 160 kg
Warranty: 1 yaer

  Suspension électronique
  electronic suspension
  Подвеска с электронным управлением