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The model of the timing belt consists of a console comprising the pulleys, the belt tighteners and idler and the belt, which are all positioned like in a real engine.
Using this stand you can:
- Identify a power transmission solution:
- Real components are used
- Identify the parameters that impact operation, life time and maintainability:
- Study the tightness settings by actually removing and installing the timing belt using modern methods.
- Comparative study of the method used and the old method that involved blocking the pulleys.
- Anticipate changes, draw up a repair method and produce the materials required in order to understand:
- While removing/installing the timing belt with a new kit of spare rollers, the technician is unable to tighten the belt tightener.
- Identification of a solution (replacement of the nuts and bolts, discussion of the set of measurements).
- Production of the technical documentation (repair method) describing the solution.




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