This stand allows to consider:
- Pneumatic energy storage
- Pneumatic circuits safety and protection
- Pneumatic circuits modulation (brake valve, load sensing valve and trailer control valve)
- A pneumatic circuit checking with pressure gauges
After completing these activities, student will be able to:
- Identify the different components as well as different inlets and outlets (supply, control, inlet and outlet pressure).
- Know each component location and purpose (located on a vehicle view).
- Build the piping according to the manufacturer drawings.
- Carry out pressure measures to allow :
- Validation of the component working in its pneumatic environment.
- Control the compliance with manufacturer data.

Product intended for:
- Training Centers
- Maintenance and repair schools
- Mechanical schools
- Higher education institutes

Energies: Pneumatique 8(Bar)
Dimensions: Truck : L = 1400 D = 700 H = 1700
Trailer : L = 700 D = 700 H = 1700
Weight: 160 and 95 kg
Warranty: 1 yaer

  Freinage pneumatique
  Pneumatic braking system
  Пневматическая тормозная система