USING PNEUMATIC ENERGY (all-or nothing by distributor)

This stand allows to consider ” The basic components of all circuits” :
-Bus door (industrial vehicles)

Functional assembly, including:
- a double effect actuator
- one 5/2 distributor and three 3/2distributors with manual controls
- adjustable flow rate limiters
- a pressure measurement device

This module allows to “develop the knowledge necessary for functional and structural approach to systems that use pneumatic and hydraulic energy” and explore the following topics:
-System components and their location,
-Communication components in the schema.
-Analysis and functional components of the circuit.
-Various physical quantities
-Studying the reasons of faults.

Energy: power supply: 12V 25A/pressure: 5 bar
Dimensions: L 500 P 350 320 H (mm)
Weight: 10 (kg)
Warranty: 1 year

Product intended for:
- Training Centers
- Maintenance and repair schools
- Mechanical schools
- Higher education institutes

  Modules pneumatiques et hydrauliques
  pneumatic and hydraulic
  Пневматические и гидравлические контуры