TO USE PNEUMATIC ENERGY PROP(modulation of pressure according to the effort applied to the control)

This stand allows to consider ” The basic components of all circuits” :
-HGV brakes (industrial vehicles, agricultural and public works vehicles)
Functional assembly, including:
- a simple effect actuator (industrial vehicle type brake chamber)
- a pressure regulator (industrial vehicle type brake control valve)
- a quick-fit valve
- a pressure and control effort measurement device

This module allows to “develop the knowledge necessary for functional and structural approach to systems that use pneumatic and hydraulic energy” and explore the following topics:
-System components and their location,
-Communication components in the schema.
-Analysis and functional components of the circuit.
-Various physical quantities
-Studying the reasons of faults.

Energy: power supply: 12V 25A/pressure: 5 bar
Dimensions: L 500 P 350 320 H (mm)
Weight: 10 (kg)
Warranty: 1 year

Product intended for:
- Training Centers
- Maintenance and repair schools
- Mechanical schools
- Higher education institutes

  Modules pneumatiques et hydrauliques
  pneumatic and hydraulic
  Пневматические и гидравлические контуры